El Nino Winter 2015 Predictions

By all accounts, El Nino Winter 2015 is predicted to be warm and dry for northern plains, and cool and wet for areas of the south and southeast.  This trend is similar to the winters of 1997-1998 and even earlier of 1975-1976.  With the advent of meteorology and charting of oceanic temperatures, we have recently realized the significance of El Nino, and La Nina in predicting out the future of our weather.  There is no other long range predictor that is better suited than oceanic temperatures.

The Future of Weather

dreamstime_l_21304724With weather becoming something of a political and naturalistic hot topic, there can be no doubt, oceanic temperatures will impact how we plan our capital markets, our food production, and our cultural decisions in the future.  There could be a process in the future, where much like the stock market crop reports, we use oceanic temperatures to forecast our bearing into production for life events.  It is already happening, with many people considering ocean beach side properties a risky adventure.  Soon, the mountain horizon could be a better indicator of safety, vs ocean joy.  But how do we navigate through the many opinions of the population who still see the future of weather nothing to predict or consider?

Scientific Research Always on The Edge

From the days of Copernicus, to Galileo, to Einstein, we have always had the mass critically expunge the notion of new ideas.  Especially in science, as it fights with our human belief pattern.  We know in our hearts however, when things are seen only from this vantage.  It must be both, as there is a basic magic in science, where we still do not know all, and can’t predict all in scientific manners.

Be advised however, there are tenuous basic strategies a foot; too many people are only being led by the heart, and will be led to a very dangerous place if they do not trust the scientists.  The data is elaborate, and there is much science to show that the earth’s climate is emerging into a warmer pattern.  With the warm waters over the Pacific, we will need to start to think about our children, and the future of society other than a stubborn strain of thought.  No need to be selfish here, there are ways to improve life, and make things work better.

Energy Conservation is the Answer

Too much is made of the solutions, and how they are hard.  Truly they are not hard, but even in fairness and profit; much can be done to improve life in the near days ahead.  Why not function as profitable fair circles in economy, and not build too much into the why or how this could impact futures and banking economies?  There is much that should be done with each of our homes and businesses to configure efficiency, and provide cool and warmth with simple insulation.  Build better buildings, and keep them simple in mechanics, to weather any storm.  It is a real choice of action that could impact generations ahead.

Nicholas Tesla was an innovator, and inventor who often built much that was pushed aside from the value of the economy, as he was so far ahead from all the leaders of the time; his was a mind of brilliance, when we look to him today.  Edison was seen as the most powerful and effective leader of the time, but mostly, we know him today to be nothing more than a middle manager, who stole Intellectual Property, and created a powerhouse of scientific innovation through theft.  He was someone who led is our industrial revolution forward, but also someone who created the unions, the weekend, and the current system of employer and employee relations by his bad practice.  No need to explain further, but it does prove that sometimes, the heart of culture will not allow innovation to flower, unless we push aside our regrets.


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