November Tornadoes Average 52 a Year : 2013 Could Hit Record

Are November Tornadoes common or are they an unusual occurrence in the late fall?  In the midwest, and parts of the texan plains, the month of November offers around 52 November Tornadoes a year; on average.  The record number of tornadoes in the month of November is 105, and so far in 2013, we have seen over 80 produced.  The year so far, has been fairly slight, with almost 700 tornadoes this season, but our season does seem to be expanding.  The most we have seen in one year, is almost 1900 tornadoes, so even with the November Tornadoes that we saw in the midwest, on November 17th, the year will fall short of the record of all time.  A welcome bit of news, as any Tornado is one too many.

November Tornadoes Caused Wide Spread Damage

November Tornadoes Can Cause Big DamageUnnecessarily under reported, Tornadoes can occur any month of the year in the Upper Midwest of the United States, all the way down to the Pan Handle of Texas.  All it takes is a clash of warm and cool air, and you have the ingredients for  November Tornadoes to threaten.  The wide swings of temperature that we have experienced so far in November of 2013, have led to some experts uncertain on where the storms will begin.  The Twin Cities could have seen quite alot of  snow from this system, if it did stay on the path that was expected.  But, with the warm winds, and the low pressure staying further south, the clash of cold and warm weather occurred more around Chicago than Minneapolis.

New Technology Needed to Predict November Tornadoes

With the change in variable cycles that we are seeing, and the longer storm seasons occurring, November Tornadoes will not be easily predicted with the current meteorology technology.  The European Model is often spoken about, and they have an advanced technology platform that can speed up the predictability of  Tornadoes in the USA.  With an increase in the mix of technology that more accurately captures weather data, analysis and reactive day to day feedback, comes good November Tornadoes prediction.  We are working on bids and congressional reviews to improve our forecast ability in the United States, but until that time, November Tornadoes are only going to be predicted with the European Model.

Effects of November Tornadoes on November 17, 2013

The city of Washington, east of Peoria, is all but a memory, with the debris being located miles beyond the source of the storm.  The November Tornadoes that hit Illinois, were further north than ever recorded, for this late in the season.  Most November Tornadoes work their way east, through the Texas pan handle, not the upper midwest.  Areas in Wisconsin, Iowa, and even southern Minnesota saw hail, strong straight line winds, and damaging effects of quick down pours.  Flooding luckily is not a concern, but with hail and strong winds, insurance claims, and many productive people will see a change to their lives in the days ahead.  Hearts and minds are all in reflection on the six amazing souls that lost their lives to these fast storms.  Never again should we think tornado season is over, especially when November Tornadoes seem to be a part of our daily winter preparation.


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