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Early November Snow in 2013

November Snow is not that unusual for parts of the midwest, and is expected anytime we get closer to Halloween.  The most interesting winters involve a snow event in November, as it makes for difficult and early winter starts in the Midwest.  Colder than usual temperatures in the early parts of winter, create a longer… Continue Reading

Winter or Spring of 2013

Winter of 2013 was quickly replaced by the spring of 2013 but with little change of temperature, and a continuation of snow and freezing precipitation.  The continuation of cooler temperatures throughout the country has resulted in better precipitation, and the fulfillment of drought busting results. With Spring of 2013 Resulted in Increased Precipitation With the… Continue Reading

MN Red River Flooding 2013

The weirdest river in Minnesota by far is the Red River which winds along the western parts of Minnesota, starting at the western edge of the state, and flowing further down the flood plain to Grand Forks, and up to Fargo.  The Red River is a glacier created northern flowing river, with many eddy and… Continue Reading

US Drought Monitor

US Drought Monitor and the national weather mitigation center, has forecasted some dire news for us all due to agricultural crisis that is happening in our breadbasket areas of America.  The summer of 2012 has been particularly harsh, with low rain amounts, and severe drought occurring in the middle of the country.  The most important… Continue Reading

Creepy Bumps in the Night : The Loud Earthquake in Clintonville Wisconsin March 2012

The town of Clintonville Wisconsin has experienced some weirdness over the last week, and some people and local geologists are looking into these bangs and booms in the area.  What are the reasons for these loud unexplained noises, and what are the noises sounding like from the people in the area? Clintonville Wisconsin is a… Continue Reading